My Brain Can't Handle This Lifelike Bug Puppet With a Live Human Face

The child prodigy of puppeteering, Barnaby Dixon, is back with another update to his bug-like hand puppet. This time Dixon’s swapped out the head with a small LCD display showing a live feed of his face, adding another level of realism to the puppet which, quite frankly, totally freaks me out.


In addition to bringing the puppet to life using both of his hands, this expressive setup requires Dixon to also wear a special rig with a GoPro camera pointed directly at his face. It can’t be the most comfortable hardware to perform with, but the results add a whole new dimension of emotion and feeling to Dixon’s puppets.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]

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This is awesome. What fascinates me more is how he controls the fingers on the hands. He seems to have individual control over them. I know what I’ll be looking at today during lunch :)