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My Dream Coffee Cup is Now Reality

Illustration for article titled My Dream Coffee Cup is Now Reality

Unlike T.S. Eliot's J. Alfred Prufrock, I can't measure life out in coffee spoons. I tend to lose the darn things. That's exactly why this self-stirring, self-heating, USB-chargeable coffee cup is the stuff my caffeine-deprived daydreams are made of.


Brando calls it the USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup and it's all too lovely. It keeps your beverage at a comfortable 40°C and stirs everything up at the push of a button. You can recharge the cup's batteries using either an AC outlet or a USB port, so there's no reason to be left without stirring power.

It's $37, and it may be my coffee cravings talking, but somehow that doesn't seem too bad considering how much all my lost spoons add up to. [Brando via Red Ferret]

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Spoons? Only sissies use cream and sugar in their coffee!