My Little Ponies Will Join the Transformers on Cybertron for a New Comic Adventure

Freedom to be as cute as you want is the right of all sentient beings!
Freedom to be as cute as you want is the right of all sentient beings!
Image: Tony Fleecs/IDW

IDW’s licensed comics love themselves a good crossover, especially the Transformers, who’ve teamed up with everyone from the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise to the Ghostbusters, and, yes even the beloved magical horsies of Equestria. This time, they’re teaming up with Pinkie Pie and the gang again—on their home turf.


io9 can exclusively reveal the first look at My Little Pony/Transformers II, a four-part miniseries from writers James Asmus and Sam Maggs, and artists Jack Lawrence and Casey W. Coller. Following up from last year’s original event, which brought the Autobots and Decepticons to Equestria via Queen Chrysalis’ magic powers, this time around Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and the rest of their friends will be crossing over to the Transformer’s homeworld of Cybertron.

Considering they’re away from the land of magic and on the home of the Autobots and Decepticon’s perpetual conflict, the stakes are higher than ever. After the Decepticons attempted to bring back some of Equestria’s magic to Cybertron via the Space Bridges, they unleashed a primal evil that threatens to destroy both worlds. While friendship is indeed magic, when confronting ancient evil you’re probably going to want a few robots that can transform into fighter jets on your side too.

“The first crossover was about as much fun as I’ve had in my writing career,” Asmus said in a press release provided to io9. “I am hugely delighted that we’re not only doing a follow-up, but getting to flip the script. In the first series, we got to tell really charming and fun stories by tossing the Autobots and Decepticons into the colorful, magical world of Equestria. But now, dragging dark magic and friendly ponies into the sci-fi world of Cybertron lets us play with brand new tones, toys, and team-ups!”

“I can’t wait to jump back into this world of magical friendships that really is More than Meets the Eye,” Maggs added. “It’s such a blast coming up with the most fun (and downright weird) pairings of ponies and ‘bots, and I think fans of both series are going to be surprised at what’s we’ve got for them this second time around!”


The first issue of My Little Pony/Transformers II will hit shelves in April.


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The child in me is insanely excited! It probably will be terrible, but something that’s mostly devoid of politics and race will be so refreshing.