my.TV PVR - We Love Macs Long Time

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Mac users usually get screwed over in the world of PVR stuff, which is a damn shame because us Mac users are all about multimedia. myTV.PVR is a new white box about the size of the Mac mini. Built by Eskape Labs, myTV.PVR is a TV Tuner with a built-in MPEG encoder designed specifically for the Macintosh platform. Using USB 2.0, the device is simple to connect and easy to use. With support for Titan TV, scheduling programs to record isn't too much of a hassle. Performance seems to be excellent as well with no lag or jaggies. For $149, you can't beat a TV Tuner/ DVR combo box that works well. Available now.

myTV.PVR - PVR With Built-in Hardware Encoder For The Mac [Mavromatic]