My, What Beautiful Eyes You Have, the Batman

A statue of Robert Pattinson as Batman from Matt Reeves' upcoming DC Comics movie.
All eyes on you, Bats.
Screenshot: Prime 1 Studio

Batman’s live-action adventures have tried multiple times to depict the character’s iconic, white-eyed cowl from the comics in multiple ways. The Dark Knight gave us bulbous Bat-Sonar lenses, while Batman v Superman added massive, glowing eyes to Bruce’s chonky armored supersuit. But could the latest, Matt Reeves’ The Batman, actually be giving them a crack?


There have been rumors that at some point we’ll see Robert Pattinson’s Batman use some sort of nod to the classic white eyes of DC’s comics in The Batman—set pictures of the actor filming motorcycle sequences included shots of him seemingly having some kind of lens added to the leathery cowl of the new Batsuit. But while we instead we got to gaze directly into RPatz’s heavily-shadowed eyeballs in The Batman trailer released at DC Fandome last summer, a new statue being made might give us a glimpse at what could be if the suit does give us a white-eyed Batman, if only for a brief ride.

Prime 1 Studio revealed a new statue of Pattinson’s movie Batsuit as part of a giant Next Level Showcase last Friday, giving us what also happens to be our cleanest, clearest look at the new design in full we’ve had so far. Depicting the brooding Bruce atop a gargoyle as he is wont to do, the statue comes with three alternate heads: Bruce glowering, Bruce glowering a bit harder, and then one of Pattinson’s likeness as seen in the trailer. Check out a full look at the statue in the video below—the reveal starts around 2:12:17 in the full stream below.

The first two of those sculpts do have white lenses, and in the context of the suit at large, they really work great. Like, Really work. It’s cool as hell, and while yes a statue of a live-action design is very different to seeing that design in live-action, it has us hoping that this is an indicator of how good The Batman’s take on it could look.

We’ll have to wait and see though—it’s clear that the two white-eyed head sculpts are not based on Pattinson’s movie suit entirely, as the cowls are different. They’re lifted on how the suit appeared in Jim Lee’s teaser art of the cowl, made for Fandome before the trailer’s release, and more evocative of the comic book look his art rendered the suit in rather than the sewn-up, leathery-textured look of the actual movie suit.

But! It still gives us an idea that this could be the live-action suit that would really nail the latest attempt at bringing an iconic piece of Bat-iconography to live-action. We’ll find out by the time The Batman slinks into movie theaters at some point in March 2022.

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I hope he does the low voice drop and lots of dialogue while doing it like Bale did.  Those parts make me laugh.