Nakamichi Opens the Kimono: Behold the 1080p

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Nakamichi puts its over-designing skills into hyperdrive with an LCD TV it named Kimono. Taking on an odd pentagonal shape, it looks more like a back pocket on a pair of blue jeans than a kimono, but open up that robe and you'll see powerful specs inside such as 1080p video, a 6-in-1 card reader, and the designers even shoehorned a DVD player and FM tuner in there somewhere.

Somebody needs to tell Nakamichi that DVD players are standard definition, not exactly in perfect harmony with a high-end 1080p LCD.


The Kimono will be shipping in 42-inch and 47-inch screen sizes, and pricing and availability weren't announced. However, expect to pay a price premium for the Nakamichi name and its heady design.

Nakamichi to present its LCD TV 'KIMONO' [AVing]