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Naked Airport Body Scanner Sees Everything But the Bomby Parts

Well, let's hope the bad guys weren't watching German television last week. A demonstration of one of those highfalutin—and highly invasive—full-body airport scanners caught a Swiss Army Knife and a cellphone, but none of the, uh, bomb components.


The big reveal comes at around 2:07, and is moderately to extremely terrifying. As Schneier on Security points out, the subject didn't get scanned from the side. That's reassuring until you see that there were still a few front-facing explosive bits that got through, and he didn't even have to hide anything in a body cavity.


So, to sum up: full-body scanners are equal parts creepy and ineffective, the end. [Schneier on Security via Boing Boing]

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I was waiting for the fat guy to flip out, take his head off and toss it to them. "Get ready for a surprise!"