Naked-id Dreidel: Flat, Metal

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Hanukkah has got to be tough. Instead of finding 1 decent gift like most Chistmastians do, Hanukkahians need to find 8 (but only on their 8th birthday, otherwise there are more candles and it's even harder.)


The 100% recyclable stainless steel credit card dreidel could make a nice modern addition to traditional Hanukkah gifts...but we think it's just a concept. Maybe next year. Until then use Moses Pez or something.

Product Page [via inhabitat]

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I have a metal dreidel. It's shiny stainless steel.

I spun my metal dreidel. It cut me on my heel!

Oh,dreidel,dreidel,dreidel, I recycled you for scrap.

Oh dreidel, dreidel,dreidel, I really think you're crap.


OK, I know it's NOT a dreidel. And please forgive my lyrical indulgence.