NASA Develops Inferno-Proof Chips

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Today's processors have one fundamental weakness: heat. But NASA may have overcome that issue with their new super heat-resistant, silicon carbide chips that can operate in temperatures up to 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit. An early test proved highly successful, as NASA's chip operated at 932 degrees Fahrenheit for 1,700 hours of continuous operation. And like most "space age" technology, the benefits will surely trickle down to consumers.

Consider a future without heat sinks, where chips can operate with extreme voltages (overclocking anyone?). Sure, we'll all miss the LED fans and liquid cooling systems. But the next time your laptop catches on fire maybe the problems will be cosmetic only. Meanwhile, laps everywhere will become rotisserie legs, cooking under the even more extreme heats of todays portables, basted by their own sweat.


I can't wait. [imedinews via theinquirer]