NASA Rocket to Crash Into the Moon's Crust In Search for Water

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NASA launched a lunar satellite into orbit today, which will fire a rocket booster at 5,600 MPH into a Moon crater, causing a six-mile-high explosion. They hope to find water in the Moon's south pole. But I find this deeply disturbing.

You savages may be all excited that they want the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite to launch a Centaur rocket into the moon. Buthas anyone really stopped to consider how the Moon (not to mention Ignignokt and Err) feels about this?! I don't care if scientists have detected signs of hydrogen in the past. And I also don't care if the blast will kick up 350 metric tons of debris, letting the trailing satellite cameras analyze the mess for signs of water—the Moon will be in PAIN!!!


Luckily, the satellite isn't scheduled to reach the moon until October 8, giving us about 4 months to round up some space lasers to stop this act of cruelty. I am truly a person for the ethical treatment of the Moon. [NASA via SJ Mercury News via Slashdot]