Natalie Portman Seems Ready to Snap in the Latest Lucy in the Sky Trailer

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Natalie Portman as Lucy Cola.
Natalie Portman as Lucy Cola.
Image: Fox Searchlight/Disney

Noah Hawley’s Lucy in the Sky is a film about how love makes people do wild, ridiculous things—like, you know, driving across the country in a misguided attempt to kidnap an ex-boyfriend’s new partner. Out of all the things in life that Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman) loves, though, she loves her job the most.

The latest trailer for the movie revisits the broad outline of Lucy’s story—how her life begins to lack meaning after she returns to Earth following a blissfully successful mission to space, circumstances that leave her with the powerful desire to go back up. Returning to space is all Lucy wants in the world, but her ambition and drive—things that make her the ideal candidate for the next mission—are what cause the men she works with to begin to question her state of mind. It all leads up to what looks like a massive breakdown that could ruin Lucy’s life.


Men, amirite?

Lucy in the Sky drops into theaters October 4.

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