Released a few months back, Traktor DJ for iPad is an almost perfect app. Native Instruments just dropped a remixed iPhone/iPod Touch version that fits that party-making machine in your pocket. Its available now for five bucks, compared to $20 on the iPad


More than just an impressive tool for mixing songs live and throwing a banging party, Traktor DJ's clean design and intuitive UI could be a model of logical design for any developer. It seems so obvious that the songs you're mixing should be represented as waveform timelines rather than as spinning turntables. Why? Because digital music files aren't vinyl rerecords.

NI says the Traktor DJ for iPhone retains the same mixing features and effects as the bigger version; And as you can see up top, the designers even managed to squeeze the original's double timeline view onto an iPhone screen. We'd be surprised if you can easily work with two tracks simultaneously on this condensed UI, but props for the ambition. Luckily, the single waveform interface you're more likely to use at this scale looks totally manageable.

Traktor DJ for iPhone and iPod Touch looks sweet, and its cheap enough that even curious beginners should consider giving it a spin for a side or two. [iTunes]


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