Navigon MyRegion App Offering Up Localized Maps For $25

Navigon is one of our favorite navigation apps. Which is why we're pretty excited at the prospect of being able to buy it piecemeal: starting today, instead of buying maps for all of North America for $80, you can buy a MyRegion map of the East, Central, or Western US for $25.


It's for sure an example of the App Store Effect, in which prices are being driven down to zero thanks to the competitive environment. It's also just plain logical: if I spend most of my time driving where I live, I don't need turn-by-turn directions for the rest of the country. And if I did, I'd be able to buy it as an add-on for $13.

The pricing is introductory, and will go up to $30 for your first region and $15 for subsequent. It's still not as cheap as a MotionX GPS Drive, but it's still a good value, and a chance to pay only for what you need.

NAVIGON Launches MyRegion: First iPhone Navigation App in the U.S. with Adjustable Map Access
Regional Map Choices Allow Premium Navigation at a Reduced Price, Map Upgrades Available On the Go

Hamburg/Germany, March 16, 2010—NAVIGON AG, a world-leading provider of mobile navigation solutions, today announced the launch of NAVIGON MyRegion in the Apple App Store. NAVIGON MyRegion is a customizable version of NAVIGON'S popular iPhone navigation app, MobileNavigator, with regional map access for the East, Central or Western U.S. It is the first iPhone navigation app that lets users upgrade to additional regions within the app and on the go, providing cross country navigation at choice. The total U.S. map is downloaded upon purchase of the first "MyRegion," which allows activation of additional map regions via a seamless In App Purchase from the application. NAVIGON MyRegion delivers the same premium feature set currently available in the North American version, MobileNavigator, and each version will receive the same updates. Access to the first region is available an introductory price of $24.99 (normally $29.99) until April 12th with no hidden charges or additional monthly fees. Each regional map can be accessed as an In App Purchase for an introductory $12.99 (normally $14.99) MobileNavigator with map access for all of North America (including Eastern, Central and Western U.S. as well as Canada) is available for $79.99.

"NAVIGON MyRegion gives our customers the power of choice to only access the areas they use, enabling a customized and tailor-made navigation experience at a price built for all budgets," said Gerhard Mayr, NAVIGON vice-president worldwide mobile phones and new markets. "At the same time we are providing our customers the peace of mind of being able to upgrade to additional regions and cross country navigation later on, independent of additional downloads."

NAVIGON MyRegion includes all the features and capabilities as MobileNavigator 1.4 plus NAVIGON MyRoutes. This new feature will be added to MobileNavigator North America via an upcoming update to 1.5.0 due this spring. NAVIGON MyRoutes is an industry first feature that learns from the users driving style to provide customized and better route recommendations. The feature also offers up to two alternative routes clearly displayed on a map including ETA, distance and driving time. This lets user choose the route that best serves their individual situation.

NAVIGON MyRegion offers a familiar, yet streamlined user interface that offers intuitive visual feedback and readily accessible connected features, which takes the efficiency of mobile navigation to new heights. It is the most feature rich navigation solution for the iPhone and transforms the Apple phone into a premium navigation device. NAVIGON MyRegion provides turn-by-turn directions independent of a cell or wireless signal, since the full map material is saved on the iPhone. It is the only iPhone navigation solution that includes Google Local Search, Reality View™ Pro, branded in-route POI's, seamless in app iPod controls, enhanced pedestrian mode, NAVIGON MyRoutes, and Traffic Live in one application. Traffic Live provides crowd sourced real-time traffic information to calculate better routes that avoid congestion and get drivers to their destination faster. The feature is available as an in app one-time purchase at a promotional price of $19.99 until April 12th (normally $24.99).



how localized? will it show the floor plan of my neighbor's house...?