Navy Helicopter Pilots Caught Hot Doggin' on YouTube

Back in the day, military pilots would tool around drunk on motorcycles all night and and abuse their planes by day until they nearly fell apart. Now they can't even dunk helicopters into Lake Tahoe without getting in trouble!

According to San Diego's Channel 10, this video, shot by a surprised tourist and uploaded to YouTube, shows two $33 million MH-60 Romeo helicopters being "dipped" in Lake Tahoe. The stunt caused between $50,000 and $500,000 in damage, and the pilots have been suspended while an investigation is conducted.


$500,000 for a little dip like that? Seems like the Navy—which, we may remind you, is primarily water-based—should get stronger helicopters. As for the pilots, we salute you for keeping the hot-dogging tradition alive, even if you are idiots who probably could have hurt someone.