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NBC, Time Warner Tell Apple They're Sticking with Flash

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It sounds like not everybody is ready to just throw Flash out the window because Steve Jobs told them to, as Time Warner and NBC have just told Apple they're happy to stick with it for their online video players.

According to The New York Post, "several large media companies, including Time Warner and NBC Universal" told Apple they aren't converting their video libraries to HTML5. They claim that doing so would be too expensive an undertaking and just not worth it, since Flash works on basically everything but Apple's devices.


But really, it's probably more of a power play to keep at least some sort of upper hand over Apple, a company who has a history of steamrolling media companies to get what they want. And with GoogleTV having just been announced, NBC and Time Warner are probably feeling a bit less beholden to Apple.

And clearly this isn't a company-wide thing for Time Warner, as their CNN website has converted most of its recent video to HTML5 and appears on the Apple website as "iPad Ready."


But in any case, whether or not this will stick remains to be seen. NBC also balked at iTunes pricing for a while before eventually coming into the fold. [NY Post]