NBC's DefCon Mole Outed, Stalked by Hackers and Press

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Michelle Madigan, Dateline NBC's DefCon mole, armed with hidden camera, was trying to sneak in as a programmer and tape hackers admitting to illegal activity. Instead, DefCon's NBC mole uncovered the plot.

DefCon staff lured her to a large hall telling her that the Spot the Fed contest was in session and that she could get a picture of an undercover federal agent at the contest. When she sat down, Jeff Moss, DefCon's founder, announced that they were changing the game. Instead of Spot the Fed, they were going to play Spot the Undercover Reporter and then announced, "And there's one in here right now." Madigan, realizing she'd been had, jumped from her seat and bolted out the door with reporters carrying cameras chasing after her through the parking lot and to her car.

(Journalists at DefCon have to comply by strict rules of engagement not to be dirty snitches.) *checking photo* Yea, she doesn't stick out at all.

Madigan was last seen being chased by two dozen reporters hoping to interview her. Press eating the press. [Wired, gorgeous photos via Dave Bullock]