Near-Final Pandora Linux Gaming Handheld Shown Actually Playing Something

"We will make a more professional video in a few days," says the title card, conveniently summing up the ethos of this homebrew gaming project. It may be past Christmas, but Pandora is alive.

We last saw the Pandora as an inert prototype, which showed us what the console would look like but not how it would run. Here we see the whole package, albeit in naked, anemic white: the machine boots into its Angstrom Linux OS, opens Quake and plays a game, controlled with the device's keypad. It's good to see the little guy make it this far, but at the moment it's not doing anything that other Linux MIDs can't handle.


The really hard part for the project will be coaxing some games out of an as-of-yet nonexistent developer community. And for the record, TuxRacer doesn't count. [OpenPandoraThanks, Jack!]

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Jordan Nagel


By far beats my DS.

Also, FIRST.