Nearly Half of All 12-Year Olds Use Facebook Illicitly

According to Facebook's rules and regulations, the site is strictly PG-13. And yet! According to a recent study, 46% of 12-year olds have profiles of their very own. There's not much harm in that, really, although you do hate to see anyone exposed to Farmville at such an early age. More just notable (though understandable) the devilishly tough time Facebook has keeping track of people's identities. [Charlotte News and Observer via All Facebook via Switched]


Organized Chaos

My friend has added the friends of his 9 year old child's friends to his facebook. He's also created a profile for his child. I don't see any reason kids that young need a facebook page and I sure as hell don't see why adults would need to add the friends of their children that young. Especially considering my friend posts stuff that isn't appropriate for kids that age and I highly doubt he takes the time to block them from seeing it. But you also have to put some of the blame on the parents of the other kids for not monitoring their computer use enough to know they're reading adult oriented content on the facebook pages of their friends' parents.