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NEC N905i Sports 5MP Face-Detecting Camera, Everything Else We Love in Japanese Phones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As enthralled as I'm not with the Japanese mobile market, I'm kinda geek-jonesin' for the smoking red and black flavor of the NEC 905i. The headline-grabber is its 5MP camera with face detection, which can lock onto three grills simultaneously for optimal vogueing—a feature usually reserved for bigger, badder shooters.


The W-CDMA and GSM-packing clamshell is also loaded up with a crispy 3-inch, 480x854 resolution screen and H.264 video recording in VGA resolution, HSDPA, GPS, plus the usual support for a bunch of media formats, and a Yamaha sound engine for decent audio playback. Dropping in Japan only Nov. 26, but you can ogle the pretty pictures anyway.


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