NECA's Aliens Power Loader Is The Perfect Accompaniment To Ripley

It's not been long since NECA gave us the first, wonderful Alien figure using Sigourney Weaver's likeness as Ellen Ripley, but she'll soon be getting the coolest accessory to kick ass in: A properly-scaled Power Loader that, although much tinier than the massive replica we saw recently, is still a great bit of kit.


Our own Meredith Woerner got a few pictures of the Power Loader in action at New York Toy Fair this past weekend, but NECA released some official pictures last night as well as some new details. The power loader is the first vehicle NECA have produced for their rebooted 6" figure line, and stands at just under a foot tall. It's also fully articulated, so you can pose it ready to punch the snot out of the nearest Alien to your hearts content. Yay!

Alas, although the official pictures tease an Aliens-style Ripley figure perfect for the mech, it's actually not included with the Power Loader - and it's not even been announced as a seperate figure yet (Edit: The Aliens Ripley has been revealed for the next series of figures according to Commenter NoButWait. Rejoice!), so if you want Ripley to be able to go mech-to-xeno on your shelf, you'll have to make do with the not-so-scree-accurate figure of her from Alien. I mean, you could put any other six inch scale figure in there, but it kind of has to be Ripley, right?

The Power Loader does have a price yet, but you won't need long to find that out - it's due for release in July.



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