You might be excited about about the release of NECA's fourth wave of Alien toys, because it includes the first officially licensed, screen-accurate figure of Jones the Cat. But Jones fans will be pleased to know that he comes with a nifty extra: The first Ellen Ripley toy to have Sigourney Weaver's facial likeness.

Although plus-sized examples of the sculpts have been making the rounds since it appeared at cons last year, but this is the first close up shot of the final production figure itself. Check it out:


Oh I get it, NECA. Put the real star behind the accessory!

It's most definitely not the first Ellen Ripley figure out there, but NECA's latest wave will feature the first figures to be granted Weaver's likeness - a space-suited Ripley as well as the 'normal' jumpsuit one show above, complete with flamethrower (alas, no extremely badass fire attachement to recreate this behind the scenes picture). Rest assured though, Cat fans - each Ripley actually comes with a different Jones too, the neutral one above as well as a hissing Jones with space-Ripley. The wave is rounded out by Dallas in his space suit, but considering he is neither Jonesy or complete with the facial likeness of Sigourney Weaver, frankly WHO GIVES A DAMN:


It's great to see the progress from the initial shots - which were decent, but not really doing Weaver justice - progress to the final figure, which really does look a lot like her. It's not perfect, but for a 7 inch figure it's about as close to perfect as you can get.

Alien: The Jones Wave is due for release in March.

[via Toyark]

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