Need a Homemade Ice Pop Right Now? Dry Ice to the Rescue

Sometimes you just really want an icy treat like, right now. And sometimes your freezer is bereft of freezey goodness because life is cruel. Fear not! All you need is some juice, a popsicle stick, and a pile of dry ice. Because who doesn't have that hanging around?

YouTube's "The King of Random" brings us this handy quick for near-instant ice pop gratification, and it's a winner in our book. Dry ice is great because when it melts, it goes directly from a solid to a gas—no puddles to clean up! The dunk in water at the end will leave your pop with a nice smooth shine, but let's be real: You're gonna sling that thing right into your mouth. Who wants to wait? [YouTube]

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CRAP.... Now I have no Dry Ice on hand...