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It is officially the time of year when all gear writers start getting emails from friends and family asking what presents they should get their loved ones for the holidays. Then we get together in gadget guy bars and bitch about this fact ad nauseum.


Well, some of us do. Not me; I love this shit.

I love it I love it I love it. I spend the entire year looking at gear, thinking about the holidays. I take pride in my gift giving skill, (That's why we're running no fewer than 30 gift guides this year.) and enjoy helping other people give great gifts too. It's like being the ultimate Secret Santa.


So I'm going to spend the next hour helping you give the best holiday presents ever. In the discussion section below, just tell me a little about the person for whom you need a gift-age, interests, gender, etc-and how much you're looking to spend. I'll come up with suggestions.

Got it? OK, let's do this.

Photo by Flickr user bartfields, used under Creative Commons license.

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