Neither Charlie Hunnam Nor His Abs Will Return For Pacific Rim 2

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Sad news, Pacific Rim fans: the incredibly named Raleigh Becket is not in Pacific Rim 2: Kaiju Boogaloo. Charlie Hunnam has confirmed that he—and therefore, presumably, severalfold shots of his unclothed torso—will not be in the sequel.


It’s long been assumed that a follow-up to Pacific Rim would continue the adventures of Beckett and Mako Mori (played by Rinko Kikuchi), but speaking to Yahoo at Comic-Con, Hunnam actually revealed that he isn’t going to be in the sequel after all.

He was, at one point, heavily involved—but scheduling conflicts lead to the actor being forced to pull out early on in production, and by the time things were sorted out, he wasn’t available to make a return.

While it’s sad news that the main character of the first film won’t be involved in the sequel, hopefully Hunnam’s departure (which, it seems like required a considerable re-write of the script considering there was a version in which Raleigh was a main character) doesn’t mean there’s no chance of Kikuchi returning to reprise her role as Mako. At least we’re getting John Boyega as the next generation of Jaeger pilot instead.



Which leads to the most important question. Are John Boyega and Rinko drift compatible?