Neofonie WePad Named Using MS Word Find-and-Replace Tool

I realize comparisons to another "Pads" are unfair, especially given the Tablet Wars I just invented by saying Tablet Wars haven't even officially started, but surely the WePad's name is some kind of backhanded compliment/joke from its creators at Neofonie?

I hope it is, because WePad makes it sound as if Neofonie took a "find and replace" filter to a certain other soon-to-be-released tablet and called it a day. Unfortunate, as this tablet could potentially carve itself a niche identity as a capable, large-screened Android device.


Now, it's just a render we see here, but the render runs Android, with access to the Android Market. Beyond that there's the aforementioned near-laptop-sized display (1366 x 768, fyi), 1.66Ghz Atom N450 processor, and a GMA 3150 graphics card. Also, webcam! Which is not present in a certain looming, ballyhooed, and currently available for preorder pads from places like Cupertino.

There's also a shopping list of other hardware features that this pad isn't going without at launch. Features like USB ports, UMTS modem, widgets up the wazoo (see pic) and a slightly less-than-impressive 6-hour battery life. [WePad via Engadget]

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