Paper lanterns are the cardboard furniture of the lighting world. They’re light, they’re cheap, and they’re incredibly fragile. But there’s even more reason to take good care of these paper lanterns from ThinkGeek: they look like tiny versions of the Borg Cube and the Death Star when switched off.

Illustration for article titled Nerdy Paper Lanterns For Those Who Prefer Star Wars or Treks

At $40 each, the 24-inch wide Death Star is slightly larger than the 18-inch wide Borg Cube, but both should do an adequate job of lighting a room with a 40-watt bulb inside—even without a planet-destroying super laser on board.


They also each include a power cord with an inline foot toggle power switch so there’s no reaching required. And it probably goes without saying, but they’re designed for indoor use only since paper doesn’t mix well with any weather. [ThinkGeek - Star Wars/Star Trek]

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