Netflix Has Made Daredevil Accessible To The Blind

Illustration for article titled Netflix Has Made Daredevil Accessible To The Blind

This is great news. The other day, we wondered why blind people couldn't experience Netflix's new series about the most famous blind superhero, Daredevil. Now Netflix has responded, adding audio description to Daredevil, and soon other shows as well. [h/t fullstreamahead]



I can't help but imagine a hockey announcer providing running commentary for some of the more bad-ass moments on the show.

"Murdock is leaning on the stair railing, dangling a fire extinguisher in one hand. He's listening for the man who just left. It's all very tense, he's repositioning the extinguisher.... repositioning... he's letting go..."
"AND IT'S GOOD! A one-in-a-million shot by Murdock! Ho-lee Mackinaw!"