Netflix Is Not Negotiating with Jason "@Qwikster" Castillo

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According to Steve Swasey, VP of Netflix corporate communications, the company isn't thinking about marketing for Qwikster just yet. Which makes me wonder, who is Jason Castillo talking to?


Swasey told me that they just announced the name of the new DVD-shipping site and they were, "Not getting into the minutiae of marketing," and "not thinking about that level of detail," at this moment. We have been unable to get any tangible information from Jason Castillo about who he is talking to about his Twitter account.


Clearly Castillo's been fielding offers, presumably from poachers hoping to flip the account up to Netflix for a profit. But the chances that Twitter lets him sell to some random huckster are unlikely, given their Terms of Service.

When asked about the Qwikster trademark Swasey told me that the company doesn't comment on those matters. I was told that they were working on a new envelope design. So fingers crossed for an Elmo smoking a fatty design.

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Captain Nimlet

"Not getting into the minutiae of marketing" Yeah, right. Dumb as the split/naming debacle is, you can't ignore the value of this namespace real estate. Twitter handle, domain name, etc are all necessities.