Netflix Streaming-Only Plan Is Here! Oh, And Your DVD Plan Got Pricier

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Netflix had teased a streaming-only plan for the US, but they've finally followed through in time for a long winter of Watch Instantly downloads. It's costs $8, with nearly all DVD-based plans seeing a price hike. Here's how much:

The cheapest unlimited plan gets a bump from $9 to $10, while the more robust users will see price increases as laid out in this chart from Media Memo. New subscribers will be hit with the increases immediately; existing Netflix users will see their bill get bumped starting in January.


The Netflix Watch Instantly catalog only holds about 20% all that Netflix has to offer, and if I'm going streaming-only for it's going to be a tough choice between that and the comparably priced Hulu Plus. But either way—as I'll be to say goodbye to my fancy red and white-sleeved DVD coasters—I'm looking forward to going full-digital somewhere. [Netflix via Media Memo]