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Jason Momoa Is a Fancy Satyr Thief in This Whimsical Slumberland Clip

The star of Netflix's fantasy film has horns and wants you to watch out for dream cops, so clearly we should listen.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Jason Momoa in Slumberland
Screenshot: Netflix

Slumberland’s loose adaptation of the classic Little Nemo in Slumberland might be straying quite a bit away from the comic source material. But if it’s going to give us a literally horny Jason Momoa hamming it up as a guide to the world of dreams, then I frankly can’t complain about it.

As part of its ongoing Tudum event Netflix has released a new clip from the upcoming fantasy movie, which stars Momoa as Flip, an outlandish rogue in the literal world where dreams are made, as he crosses paths with the young Nema (Marlow Barkley) after she falls asleep and finds herself in the magical realm of the subconscious. A realm of infinite possibilities, which include Flip’s ability to quick-costume-change from Satyr Hobo to an incredibly gaudy golden suit.

It’s a fun little clip, establishing the film’s setup—an uneasy alliance between Nema and Flip as they scour the dream world for a set of pearls—but it’s also mostly just delightful to watch Momoa ham it up a bit.


Slumberland hits Netflix November 18.

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