New AIBO PS Rumors Grow, PlayStation AIBO?

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It looks like Kotaku's word on a new AIBO was fairly solid, because a new [still rumor] from Stuff talks about an AIBO PS (or AIBO PlayStation as we read that). Controlled through a PS3, the AIBO PS will appear as an avatar on the PS3 XMB (menu system). Personalities will be downloadable off PSN, it just gets better (along with the mega-sized scan):


The Wi-Fi capable AIBO PS will be completely controllable through a PSP or PS3. Plus, when in security mode, the AIBO PS will be able to awaken itself when sensing sound or motion and ping your email. Your PSP could then interface with its camera and stream the signal real time. Oh, the little guy will be able to climb stairs with the best of em.

Stuff puts the probability rating at around 53%. So whether it's pure speculation or from a hot tipster, we don't know. But none of it sounds all that crazy to us. [kotaku]



This is great news if it's true.

I must confess I have the special edition AIBO ERS-7 M3 (last model made). I also have two kids aged 1 and 3.

AIBO is the reason I like Sony. It's not a perfect robot, but AIBO was so ahead of its time when it first came out it's hard not to recognize the huge chance Sony took developing and releasing a robot pet in the $2,000+ price range. They were the first to really give robot enthusiasts a taste of the future when nobody else was doing it.

I control my AIBO through Wi-Fi and can hear what he hears, see what he see's, and even type whatever I want which is then synthesized and played through AIBO.

We've used "him" when the kids wouldn't go to sleep by putting him in their room and streaming music to him. My daughter will ask AIBO "can you play the Mermaid song?" I hear her ask from the other room and within seconds AIBO is singing her favorite song. I control volume too, so it's easy to turn him down and remove him from the room once they're sleeping.

Anyway, point is: AIBO is pretty amazing. And making it a compatible accessory to the PS3 and PSP would be a great thing for PS3 owners like myself. I've had my AIBO for over 2 years and we still manage to find uses for him. A couple of our best pictures of our kids were taken by AIBO while he was playing with them at their level. Simply amazing device.

I hope this is true.