New AIBO PS Rumors Grow, PlayStation AIBO?

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It looks like Kotaku's word on a new AIBO was fairly solid, because a new [still rumor] from Stuff talks about an AIBO PS (or AIBO PlayStation as we read that). Controlled through a PS3, the AIBO PS will appear as an avatar on the PS3 XMB (menu system). Personalities will be downloadable off PSN, it just gets better (along with the mega-sized scan):

The Wi-Fi capable AIBO PS will be completely controllable through a PSP or PS3. Plus, when in security mode, the AIBO PS will be able to awaken itself when sensing sound or motion and ping your email. Your PSP could then interface with its camera and stream the signal real time. Oh, the little guy will be able to climb stairs with the best of em.

Stuff puts the probability rating at around 53%. So whether it's pure speculation or from a hot tipster, we don't know. But none of it sounds all that crazy to us. [kotaku]