Apple may be on an imitation streak lately, but Cupertino isn’t the only one who knows a good thing when it sees it. According to Phandroid, the next update to Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch OS, will be taking a few ideas from the Apple Watch.

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The biggest one among them is a single press gesture from the watchface that can bring up relevant information without any additional swipes, not completely different from Apple Watch’s Complications feature. As Phandroid points out, many hacked versions of the Android Wear watchface supports this ability, but now Google is making it an official feature, which will hopefully eliminate some of the wonkiness that can come from unofficial support. Phandroid obtained a few images to give a more illustrated description of what Google envisions with this tiny watch tweak:


In addition to this added piece of convenience is watch-to-watch communication. Apple Watch accomplishes this with shared heartbeats and little (albeit shitty-looking) drawings. Called Together, Google’s idea of wrist-to-wrist communication will look somewhat similar with “messages, stickers, emojis, and doodles,” according to Phandroid. Whether this will be tied to a specific watchface (which would suck) or a system-wide update is still unknown.

Expect these new added ideas on an Android wrist near you around late July or early August. [Phandroid]

Moto G Maker?: Expert leaker Evan Blass suggests that Motorola’s Moto G budget smartphone may also be getting a Moto Maker makeover, a service previously reserved only for the Moto X and the Moto 360.


Goodbye, Geeksphone: Geeksphone is the small Spanish startup responsible for building six different smartphone in the past 5 years, primarily Firefox phones and most famously the Blackphone. But after selling the hardware business to Silent Circle, it seems Geeksphone doesn’t have much going for it and is going to close up its hardware business. [Phonescoop]

Here’s come Windows 10 devices: Many of us are eagerly awaiting the official arrival of Windows 10 later this month, but if you were hoping for flood of Windows 10-installed devices that same day, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer. Microsoft does have plans to release a bunch of Windows 10-ready hardware, but not until September 4 at IFA. [Ubergizmo]


That’s... ambitious: Samsung is working on a 11k mobile display. That’s 2250 ppi if you’re keeping track. That’s beyond face-melting—that’s face exploding. We just went from Indiana Jones to Scanners. Samsung says a display at that insane resolution will likely create 3d effects without the need for 3d glasses—oh and also VR probably. [ETNews]

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