New AU Optronics TV Panels: 14-inch OLED and Ultra Wide TVs, Plus 3D Without Glasses

AUO makes panels for several big names, including Samsung and Apple, so we're always interested to see what they're up to. On show at FPD 2009, their 14-inch OLED TV panel does 1080p, and has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

No word on when (or if) a TV maker will pick it up. AUO is also showing a new high-def 3D panel that that can scale from 8- to 65-inches in size. It's got a 2D/3D switch, and has a higher resolution and greater viewable angle compared to previous 3D TVs that don't need glasses. Finally, they've also got a new 58-inch Ultra Wide TV panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1080. It's 2.35:1 ratio is designed to present 2.35:1 films without black bars.


A sign of things to come? I'm really not sure about viability of all three, but we'll see I guess. [AUO via]

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