New Bill Would Deny Schools' Funding if They Don't Comply with the RIAA

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In a ridiculous display of just how much you can get done in government if you have enough money, a new bill on the House floor states that if colleges don't police their networks and do the RIAA and MPAA's bidding as well as buy into services such as Napster for their entire student body, they'll lose all their federal funding. Yep, that means if a college doesn't want to hand over names to the RIAA they'll lose things like their Pell grants, depriving thousands of low-income students from financial aid. Wow.


Just in case you weren't sure whether or not the RIAA was completely evil, this pretty much proves it. A letter from a group of university officials has this to say about the bill:

Such an extraordinarily inappropriate and punitive outcome would result in all students on that campus losing their federal financial aid—including Pell grants and student loans that are essential to their ability to attend college, advance their education, and acquire the skills necessary to compete in the 21st-century economy.

Hopefully the offending language will be sliced right out of this bill before it has a chance to become a law, forcing universities to become lapdogs of an industry group because said industry group has lots and lots of money for lobbyists. [ via Broadband Reports]



They act as if it is their money to withhold from our institutions of higher learning.

It is not.

It is MY money, and YOUR money, taken from us in the form of myriad taxes imposed us as American citizens.

If those in power would vote to allow corrupt behavior such as this, then it is MY duty, and YOUR duty, to relieve them of their positions.

They must be replaced with individuals who represent MY will, and YOUR will, not the interests of large corporations like those behind the RIAA.