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Online maps have the same problem as online search and online anything: information overload. That's why these Bing Destination Maps that sketch your location aren't just whimsical and practical. They're incredibly useful as well, especially in cities. Plus: treasure maps!


The program's a little slow to load—it appears to still be in test mode—and doesn't provide directions so much as a pared down view of an area you'd like to explore. But at least it offers variety. You can choose among Sketchy, European, American, or Treasure (this is not a decision you should struggle with).

It's refreshing to see such an innovative approach coming from Microsoft, of all places. And while I'm not sure how much day to day use I'd get out of it, when I do head to Bing Destination Maps I know I'll at least get a smile out of it. [Bing Destination Maps via Infosthetics via Dvice]

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