Only Gizmodo readers/writers would get excited about a new Bluetooth standard, which is precisely why we went with the seldom seen exclamation point in the headline!

The Version 2.1 + EDR update will allow...

Improved Paring
If you are wearing a headset, your phone should initially connect through a less complicated process that "reduces steps for the user". Surely they also mean...


Near Field Pairing (NFC)
Autopair two devices by holding them really close. Nice.

Improved Security
They claim that their 6-digit passkey is better than a 16-digit alphanumeric PINs and that intercepting transmissions is no more.

More Battery Life
(Through lower power consumption)...up to 5 times lower.

Full Backward Compatibility
I won't talk down to you (on this one).


If you want to read the whole press release, just hit our source link.

Press Release