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New Clips From Battlestar Season 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Having Battlestar Galactica withdrawal? Here are some new clips from season four, courtesy of a Canadian show called Hypaspace that aired a while ago. We've also got some new spoilers for season four, which we unspool beneath the fold, along with a second clip.

Starbuck doesn't believe her viper blew up. And only six hours have passed for her since she disappeared in season three. Michael Trucco, who plays Anders, says his character wonders if Starbuck can tell he's a Cylon, and whether he should tip her off. The other three closet Cylons task him to find out what she knows. He also hints to her that he'll still love her if she turns out to be a Cylon, but her reaction isn't what he was hoping for. And that sets up a rift between the two of them that lasts a few episodes. [BuddyTV]