New Dark Knight Trailer Shows Why Batman Is Still The Best Superhero

Jesus may think that Iron Man is the best superhero movie ever, but those of us who don't go ga-ga for goatees know better. This latest Dark Knight trailer shows exactly why Batman's second adventure (yes, second, since those first few movies don't count) will be the best superhero movie this summer. Hell, it might even be the best movie period this summer.


This rendition of The Joker needs to get some kind of award for Ledger for being the best villain in recent memory. The Joker doesn't need gadgets to kill Batman. He relies on pure insanity. The new suit, on the other hand, seems even more souped up and gadgety than the first. We'll have to wait for the movie to see what crazy ass stuff they shoved in. [Why So Serious]



@-Core-: The problem with the hero-killing-everyone thing is that characters like Batman/Wayne/Clark Kent/Superman and the like don't want to be labeled as murderers. Sure, it's nice to see the bad guys get offed, but these characters must exist in a world where they have to also live amongst people in a society of law. I realize that this is fictional, but the moral quandary is actually quite interesting, and this issue was brought up in Batman Begins, when Wayne was going to kill the man who murdered his parents at the courthouse.