New HSPA+ Multiflow Tech Could Double Your Download Speeds

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Nokia Siemens is going to demo HSPA+ Multiflow—a new cell tech that lets phones talk to two cell towers at once—at Mobile World Congress. It's the first time that the tech, which can apparently double data speeds, will be shown working on stuff you might actually be able to buy.

HSPA+ Multiflow works by sending and receiving data from the base station in two totally separate streams when your phone is in range of two cell towers at the same time. Devices with the tech won't be available until probably late 2013, but better coverage through better tech can only be a good thing. We're not really sure what the network landscape will look like by that time, but if it doesn't fry battery life too hard, this might end up being a decent alternative to LTE. [Nokia Siemens via Phone Scoop via Verge]