New iRobot Warrior X700 Carries Big Payloads and Big Guns

Illustration for article titled New iRobot Warrior X700 Carries Big Payloads and Big Guns

When we last checked in with iRobot's Warrior, it was armless, pokey, weak and not killtastic. Their latest model, the Warrior X700, is the opposite of all of that, with plans for the urban warfare front: It sports a robo-arm that lifts 150 pounds, will tread a four-minute mile, lugs up to 500 pounds and can terminate with extreme prejudice semi-autonomously. It can deploy machine guns or 40mm explosive rounds, with one variant sporting an electronic firing system utilizing a four-pack of small barrels that fire 16 rounds a second with an 800-meter range. At this rate, a real-life robot-controlled Metal Slug is totally on its way by 2028. [Army Times via Danger Room]


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I can see it now:

This robot rolls up to a group of terrorists/communists/enemy-of-the-month

"Ooooo, somebody forgot to set up the virtual walls on his Roomba."

Speaking to the iRobot Warrior, "Are you lost little guy? You can't vacuum all the way out here."

After this comment is made, neighborhood children will have nightmares for the rest of their lives, reliving the screams of the men being ripped in two by the "horrible, clawed, robot vacuum".