New Mac Ads; Same Gags, Still Funny

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Apple has just dropped three new commercials in the Get a Mac series. The adverts have the same old Mac Vs. PC theme, but they are still funny. Plus, no one has shouted us down for being fanboys for at least four posts straight. That, quite frankly, is unacceptable. So, here we are showing some Apple love and giving their new shoots some space. Truth be told, Mac and PC are both such douches, we don't really want to own either, but hell, they do make us chuckle. Jump in for two more.

We see what is so appealing about Ubuntu; it lives the trouble free life. We just can't stand this rivalry, it makes our hearts hurt. Who are we kidding? We love it. "Ask not what Vista can do for you, ask what you can buy for Vista." Classic.