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New Mac Mini Is Roomy Enough For A Second Hard Drive

Illustration for article titled New Mac Mini Is Roomy Enough For A Second Hard Drive

The new Mac Mini is a roomy little bugger. Inside its aluminum body, there's an extra SATA connector and room for a second hard drive. You'll need to find a SATA cable, but iFixit is on the hunt for one.


And there's even more upgrades you can do. You can easily replace the existing hard drive and bump up the RAM. Sadly, the CPU is soldered to the motherboard and not user-upgradeable.


But that's OK. You can still soup up that $600 Mac mini for less than the cost of the $1000 server model. [iFixit]

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missionary position

I'm tempted to buy the new mini- it's about time I upgraded from my G4 'lamp' iMac. Had it for 10 years now and it's still in daily use (hasn't been turned off once in the last 5 years)