New Method Neuters Your Dog Without Removing His Testicles

This is great news for dogs and dog lovers: there is a new method to sterilize male dogs without surgery! It's called Esterilsol, a solution of zinc gluconate, L-Arginine and water that is shot into the dog's scrotum.

The method—also called zeutering—will sterilize your dog within a month. It has now been approved for 10-month and younger dogs in the United States. So far, about 300 dogs have been neutered in this way.

The new system will greatly help shelters all through the nation, reducing costs and speeding up the neutering process.


And I don't know about you, but if I'm going to be sterilized, I would rather have a shot in my scrotum than having my balls cut and thrown into the trash. [The Dogs]

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Anything that saves shelters money while being less traumatic for animals is great. However, is there a way to know if a dog has had this procedure? If a shelter picks up a stray dog, it's pretty obvious right now whether or not it's been neutered. The same wouldn't be true of a non-invasive procedure like this, which could lead to shelters either wasting money repeating the process or failing to neuter a dog who might not have had it done.