New Official Xbox 360 Controller Spotted

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Over at a German games convention going on now, IGN has come across a new Xbox 360 controller by Microsoft. Apparently it looks pretty much identical to the old one but includes an entirely redesigned directional pad (which makes sense, because the current d-pad isn't so good). Here's what IGN had to say about the play experience (and to see story UPDATES):

...the d-pad has been re-engineered to offer more instant control, with an eight way input taking place of the previous four. A brief hands-on with the controller playing Pro Evolution 2009 proved that the redesign has been effective, with the d-pad sitting in a larger rocker and proving more tactile.


It doesn't sound like the update will be worth throwing out your old controllers, but we'll be happy to see the improvement. [IGN] UPDATE: It looks like this could be limited edition for Europe, Asia and Latin America only. [IMAGE]

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Looks a lot like those "fighter sticks" that seem to show up on third-party PS2 pads. I'm a big fan of those, but I really hope that Microsoft's take on the concept doesn't have the same durability issues that Pelican's or Dream Gear's have.

Then again, this is the company that brought us the RROD, so I won't hold out too much hope for that.