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New Palm Gandolf Photo Surfaces, Redubbed the Palm Treo 500?

Illustration for article titled New Palm Gandolf Photo Surfaces, Redubbed the Palm Treo 500?

New photos of the Palm Gandolf have appeared, and if they're legit, the Gandolf has taken on a new look and a new name — the Treo 500. The Windows Mobile phone keeps a similar form factor and same Vodafone branding as before, but now has a darker color scheme and a bigger screen.


In addition to Windows Mobile, the Treo 500 will lack a touchscreen and feature 3G internet. It makes sense that this would be the final design for the Gandolf, as the earlier prototype looked too much like the slimmer, touchscreen-equipped Centro. Earlier prototypes resembled something closer what this ad is calling the Treo 500. We'll find out officially on Wednesday if this is the secret phone we've been speculating about, and we wouldn't be surprised if it is.


UPDATE: Alles Windows Mobile is reporting that the Treo 500 will have 150 MB of internal memory, Bluetooth 2.0, a 2 MP camera, MicroSD expansion and will come in two colors — the grey pictured above and the white seen earlier in spy shots. [WMExperts]

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Adrian Covert

@JB007: then what was the point of bringing it up in the first place?