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New PSP Details Uncovered

Illustration for article titled New PSP Details Uncovered

Digging through a new PSP manual, 0okm has uncovered a few smaller details about the updated system (aside from what Jack Tretton already told us in a Kotaku exclusive interview).


- Its TA-085 PCB motherboard is homebrew-conducive.
- USB can be used to charge the battery.
- The battery has been shrunk from 1800mAh to 1200mAh, but retains hour rating.
- Old PSP remote is not compatible.
- WLAN switch has been relocated to top.
- TV-out cable is not included.


I would have traded more battery life for slimmer and lighter, so the new battery with an equal runtime rating is a bit of a disappointment. [0okm]

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PSP was and is still such a let down. The only way they could have made this interesting is to have 2 analog sticks (wtf were they thinking with 1?) and eliminate the UMD's entirely. Flash ROM based games would load so much quicker. Sony has really stepped down a few notches in my book with all their false promises and let downs. The PS3 is a waste of money and not even close to what was demonstrated at E3. PSP is slow and clumsy. My PSP collects dust on the floor of my room.