New Real Steel trailer will pummel your brain with robot fists and father-son drama

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real steel

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em, Hugh Jackman is a deadbeat Dad! The latest Real Steel trailer is so packed with metallic emotion, it's like The Iron Giant for dummies.

The world-building looks fun, the action appears to be thrilling, plus we'll watch Hugh Jackman open a jar of pickles for an hour. So yeah, we're going to see this metal monster in the theaters the second it's released. But, hoooo boy, parts of this film look like it was cobbled from the scrap pile of Hollywood's stereotype junkyard.


There's just so many questions! "This isn't a video game, this is for real," Jackman warns his scrappy son. But it's not real, it's ROBOT FIGHTING. No one is actually getting hurt except for the robot which you control with a physical remote control, like so many video games. We get "real" like there's "real" money on the line, but we're pretty sure you can bet money on video games as well. Maybe we just need to see a bit more from this film. Ah well, it's got Evangeline Lilly in her first role since Lost, so that's exciting. And again, it looks slick as hell, so there's always that.

Real Steel will be in theaters October 7, 2011.

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