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New Xbox 360 Failure Rates Still Around 10 Percent?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Site 8bitjoystick, the same people who seem to have broken the news that Bungie was splitting from Microsoft, claim to have scored an exclusive tell-all interview with an Xbox 360 designer regarding the console's notorious stability. Most of the piece really just confirms that which was already suspected (reasons for the RRoDs, early Xboxes failed around 30% of the time, etc) but what caught our eye was the insider's estimated failure rates on new, smaller and cooler-chipped Xbox 360s seem to still be around 10%.

Q: How much more reliable are the current generation of Xbox 360 than the previous designs? Original Xenon, Zypher and Falcon.
I've heard that the failure rates for the current design is sub 10%. Much much better, but still too high imoh. And those designs haven't seen much life yet, so no one knows if that failure rate will hold.

Maybe we are reading too much into the quote, but if the failure rates were closer to, say, 5%, we think that would have been mentioned. No matter what the reading, the Xbox 360's failure rates don't seem to contend with those of the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3. [8bitjoystick]