New Xperia Play Commercials Have Enslaved My Soul

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Now listen, I don't normally praise ads. They're meant to sell us shit, and there's nothing really noble about that. But. But. Kristen Schaal's new promos for Sony Ericsson are some of the greatest things I've ever witnessed. Boob stab.

Maybe it's the fact that some marketing asshole with a PhD knew that her quirky cuteness (Flight of the Conchords—be still my heart) combined with the term "boob stab" and her shouting "TAKE IT!!!" would leave me hypnotized. But, joke's on you guys! I'm not going to buy an Xperia Play—I'm just going to watch this video of Kristen fragging herself, over and over and over and over and over. Suckers.

And now, I begin construction on my shrine to Kristen Schaal.