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Hey guys: Even though most tech companies are based far far away from our lovely Metropolis Gotham City, they all seem to want to come here for meetings, events and general displays of grandeur. Covering it all takes energy, enthusiasm, knowledge of the technology beat, and a devil-may-care attitude toward sweatiness. We're currently looking for some experienced tech writers who wouldn't mind sweating for Giz.

Yes, experienced. We want people who already know something about the NYC tech scene, and can handle covering shows and product meetings without sticking anything down their pants right away. I suppose this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: You have to actually live in NYC to qualify. If you're interested, and think you have the rezoom for the job, send it along with some short sample clips to the tips hotline at left. Put "NYC Reporter" in the subject line, and kiss your family goodbye. It's just your entire waking life that we want here, that's all.